Solutions/ Core Banking

Empower business with advanced technology

Encore Theme Technologies is a Finastra Premier Infusion Select Partner for implementing the leading core banking product, Fusion Equation. This product has the breadth of functionality to handle the most sophisticated banking requirements. Encore Theme provides implementation, testing, customization & offshore development and support services.


Open and agile platform

Open and agile platform for long-term flexibility and innovation

Componentized for transformation

Componentized for transformation or implementation at your pace

Integrated with advanced analytics

Integrated with advanced analytics, generates insights to develop timely, relevant products and services

Can be combined with Finastra’s

Can be combined with Finastra’s digitial channels to deliver enhanced customer experience

04. Benefits


Maximises operational efficiency


Reduces cost-to-income rations


Ensures compliance


Speeds up time to market


Combined with Finastra’s Digital channels provides enhanced customer experience

03. Encore Theme Advantages

Assured on-time delivery with ThemeAssure

The Company’s project delivery framework, ThemeAssure ensures robust deployment of ready-to-use, plug-and-play solution to make your system ready in a predictable timeline.

Pay-per-use SaaS model

Encore Theme is the only partner in emerging countries to provide Trade Finance solutions on Software as a Service (SAAS) model. We take care of the solution, infrastructure, and business as usual support and let you focus entirely on your business.

Decade long Finastra partnership

Encore Theme has a decade long relationship with Finastra and is a Finastra Infusion Premier Select Partner for India, APAC and Middle East.

Fastest growing Premier Select Partner

Encore Theme is the fastest growing Premier Select Partner of Finastra and has achieved this by successfully implementing end-to-end trade finance solution for over 50 Finastra sites for over 20 banks.

The largest pool of Finastra certified resources

Encore Theme has over 150 banking domain experts who are Finastra certified. Finastra has recognised Encore Theme for having the largest certified FTI and FCC practices globally.

Schedule a solution demonstration to find out how Encore Theme can take care of your technology so you can focus on growing your business like more than 50 successful customers across 30 countries.