New Vistas in Credit Growth, Unconferennce Mumbai

New Vistas in Credit Growth, Unconferennce Mumbai

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Location: Sofitel Hotel,Mumbai

Participation Type: Knowledge partner

With GST and demonetization challenges having subsided, the sentiments are positive for a rapid economic growth for India. Accordingly, credit too is poised to grow remarkably. The banking sector is saddled with NPA challenges and may not seem to be in a position to fulfil the credit needs of the economy. This is a golden opportunity for NBFCs and HFCs to scale up retail loans, housing loans, mortgage financing, corporate loans, SME financing, project financing, working capital financing, supply chain financing etc. Taking advantage of the opportunity is not a cakewalk. The risks of NPA and fraud are formidable. The faster the growth, the higher the complexities of collections. There is also a pricing pressure as customers have got accustomed to lower policy rates. Companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, etc are continually re-setting the bar for UX and CX standards. Deploying appropriate technologies that closely align with business reality is a critical success factor. Regulations and legislation pertaining to data privacy, complaints handling, construction sector, smart cities, housing for all, etc, have a huge bearing on the business. Recognizing this golden opportunity for NBFCs and HFCs, Encore Theme has organized a seminar to comprehend the credit needs and deliberate the desired strategies to achieve stable and risk-free growth in an association with Banking Frontier as Knowledge Partner.

The deliberations covered below 4 key aspects:

  • Strategies for business & sales growth
  • Strategies for data, technology & digital transformation
  • Strategies for managing risk, compliance & NPA issues
  • Strategies for achieving & maintaining customer delight